Spousal Sponsorship Handling Time – By Nations

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Distance shouldn’t be a barrier when love is in the air! However, it can be difficult and lonely to be away from your spouse while you are in Canada; Canada has provided the spousal sponsorship program as a result of this.

Since each nation has a different processing time for spousal sponsorship, we would like to walk you through the various processing times for each nation.

Let’s talk about what spousal sponsorship is before we get into the processing time for it.

Spousal sponsorship

Through the Canadian sponsorship program run by the Canadian government, permanent residents or citizens of Canada can sponsor their partner to move to Canada and live there permanently.

Applications for sponsorship in Canada are viewed as a high need since it is genuinely reasonable that families aren’t intended to live separated. Along these lines, this program permits your precedent-based regulation accomplice, companion, or intimate accomplice to live with you.

Sorts of spousal sponsorship Projects in Canada

There are various sorts of spousal sponsorship programs you can look over, contingent upon the circumstances within reach.

#1. Family Class (Outland) Sponsorship Class

you ought to apply for this stream assuming that you fall under this class.

Your precedent-based regulation accomplice or life partner lives beyond Canada.

You don’t want to remain in Canada for the term of your application cycle, despite the fact that you are right now living in Canada with your mate.

Living with your life partner might be troublesome until your application is endorsed. Notwithstanding, you can get a brief visa for your life partner to come to Canada while the family class Outland sponsorship application is under handling.

#2. Sponsorship Class in Canada
If you fall into this category, you should apply for the In Canada Sponsorship Class (Inland) stream.

  • You live in Canada with your sponsor.
  • Your immigration status in Canada is valid.
  • You want to apply for an open work permit so that you can work in Canada.

In addition, while they are being protected by public policy, your spouse or common-law partner may be able to submit under this stream even if they are out of date in Canada. They are permitted to remain in Canada as long as they complete the application processing, thanks to public policy.

However, you would only be able to travel outside of Canada if your application is approved in this stream.

Documents required to submit a proposal for sponsorship from a sponsor
If you want to apply for spousal sponsorship, you absolutely need to bring the following documents with you.

  • filled out applications;
  • a proof of Canadian citizenship;
  • Documents of identity;
  • Certificate of marriage;
  • Police records and clearances from every nation in which your spouse has resided for at least six months after the age of 18;
  • a certificate of health for your spouse;
  • evidence of having paid any applicable government fees;
  • Digital image;
  • Questionnaire for the Evaluation of Sponsorship and Relationship Information;
  • Certificate of marriage (if you are not married, consult common law);
  • photos and invitations to the wedding;
  • documents pertaining to the adoption or birth of any
  • children you and your spouse have;
    Documentation of marriage registration with a government agency.

Additionally, in order to demonstrate your relationship, you must provide the following documents.

  • Evidence that you and your spouse jointly own property.
  • bills from utilities that show both of your names on them,
  • copies of government-issued IDs, car insurance, and pay stubs or tax forms that show that you live at the same address are all examples of shared bank accounts.

conditions for sponsoring your partner.
If you meet the following requirements, you may be able to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner if you are a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada.

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are a resident of Canada or intend to return there when your partner becomes a resident.
  • You can sponsor and help your partner or spouse with their basic financial needs for three years.

Processing times for spousal sponsorship vary by country

The application process for spousal sponsorship typically takes twelve months to complete. At the processing center in Mississauga, Ontario, you will need to hand in your completed application to IRCC (immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada).

The sponsor’s qualifications will be evaluated by the case processing center; if the sponsor meets the requirements, the sponsorship application will be forwarded to the visa office for proper processing. The Mississauga office typically takes three months to make a decision.

The time it takes to process the application may vary depending on the number of employees, workload, and priorities of the individual visa office.

As a result, spousal processing typically takes one to two years. Making things right from the start is the most effective way to prevent delays in the processing of your spousal sponsorship application.

The processing time may take longer than anticipated if the visa office needs additional proof of your relationship or if your case is complicated.

Therefore, the spousal sponsorship processing time list includes individuals from Africa and the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and the United States.
Please keep in mind that the sponsorship process can take approximately 16 months if you and your spouse already reside in Canada. After that, background checks, security checks, medical checks, and other verifications will take another ten months.


Costs associated with sponsoring a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner to Canada

The costs associated with sponsoring a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner to Canada are outlined in the following table. Keep in mind that you will be required to pay an additional $150 per dependent child if your spouse’s common-law partner or spouse has children. The fees to be paid are as follows: Sponsorship fee: $75; Principal applicant processing fee: $475; Right of Permanent Residence fee: $500; Biometrics: $85

Total: $1135 It is essential that you either currently reside in Quebec or intend to relocate there after receiving your permanent residence. After that, in addition to the aforementioned fees, you will be required to pay an additional CAD 289.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Is IRCC still taking applications into consideration?

The majority of applications for permanent residence are still accepted.

How quickly does the IRCC evaluate eligibility?

The majority of applications are processed in less than six months.

After the approval of the spouse, what is the next step?

For further processing, the file will be sent to a visa office overseas.


Obtaining a permanent residence for your spouse might take longer than expected due to the difference in the processing time for spousal sponsorship.

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