High-Paying Skilled Trade Jobs in the US

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The skilled trade jobs in the United States make up a unique segment of the workforce. Despite the improving economy and increased employee demand in sectors like construction and maintenance, a large number of tradespeople are reaching retirement age. This indicates that the skilled trades in the United States require a lot of new workers. The following US skilled trade jobs are essential and in high demand in this sector:

Driver of heavy trucks.
Larger part of the cargo in the U.S. is shipped by truck, so many weighty transporters are subsequently popular to move products starting with one spot then onto the next. You will need a commercial driver’s license and some specialized training to maneuver big rigs through crowded streets because doing so requires real-world experience. This is a physically demanding job that requires long periods of time away from home, but if you enjoy the adventurous life on the road, this career might be right for you.
• The total number of open jobs: 108,400.
• The typical salary: $44,500.

Carpenters are required in every conceivable sector of construction. They do everything from building bridges and cabinets to framing walls and setting concrete forms. Even some carpenters oversee the activities of helpers and laborers. Carpenters will be in high demand in the coming years due to growth in the construction and home renovation industries.
Total open positions: 83,800.
• The typical salary: $49,630.

As long as you can get the water to flow, there will be plenty of opportunities. Over the next few years, there will be a lot of job openings for plumbers. The piping systems that transport waste from homes, offices, hospitals, factories, and other buildings are installed and maintained by these professionals. Most of the time, they get an apprenticeship to learn their trade.
• The total number of open jobs: 75,200.
• The typical salary: $57,070.

The work of keeping the lights on and the electrical systems working continues in this sector of US skilled trade jobs. Electrical wiring and equipment are installed, fixed, and maintained by these skilled workers in homes, factories, and businesses. To work in this field, you must pass an exam and be licensed in most states in the United States.
• The total number of open jobs: 59,600.
• The typical salary: $57,910.

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