Conditions of Eligibility for the Australian Dependent Student Visa.

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It is permissible for overseas students with a student visa to bring members of their immediate family as dependents to Australia for a 12-month or longer academic program.

Spouses and unmarried children younger than 21 years old are eligible for dependent student visas under the Australian immigration program.

The fact that a dependent spouse or partner receives work rights in Australia is an intriguing aspect of this kind of student visa. For as long as the student is enrolled in the program, they are entitled to these full and unrestricted work rights.
Conditions of Eligibility for the Australian Dependent Student Visa.
The following requirements must be met before a dependent on a student visa can enter Australia:

For a dependent partner or spouse.

  • Your spouse, which includes partners of the same sex, is required to be the dependent partner.
  • For a dependent child, you must have been living with your partner for at least a year and have a real and exclusive relationship with them. If the dependent is your de facto spouse, the dependent must be your child or that of your partner.
  • It is required that the dependent child not be married or engaged to be married.

Step-by-step instructions for applying for an Australian Dependent Student Visa.
The dependent child must still be in continuous education (such as taking A-levels).
You must be nominated by your spouse in their application for a student visa to get a dependent visa to Australia, or they will have to sponsor you while you are already studying there.

Step 1: Complete the nomination form.
The nomination form, also known as Form 919, must be completed first. Make sure your signature appears on the application form.

Step 2: Collect the necessary application materials.
Make a list of the documents that must be submitted in addition to the application form. Gather all of the documents and prepare them.

Step 3: Send your dependent the nomination form.
Send your dependent abroad the completed form and any other necessary documents.

Step 4: Complete the application.
The Application (form 157A) for an Australian student dependent visa must be completed by your dependent.

Step 5: Send in both forms.
Your dependent must submit the forms 157A Application and 919 Nomination, in addition to any other crucial documents, to an Australian mission or consulate near them.

Step 6: Pay the necessary application fee.
When submitting the application, your dependent must pay the applicable fee for the dependent student visa.

Step 7: Get the visa for the dependent.
The dependent visa has been issued at this point; your dependent must pick it up on time.

Fees for the Dependent Student Visa in Australia
Check the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of the Australian Government’s website for the most recent fee requirements for dependent student visas prior to submitting your application.

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