Top 5 Dragon Films on Netflix

Top 5 Dragon Films on Netflix

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Men have invented mythical creatures throughout history based on their own dreams and imagination. The Bigfoot, the eagle, the Centaur, the unicorn, and the unicorn are all instances of fantastical beings having special abilities. However, assuming that these are simply nonsense with no basis,, in reality, would be a grave error on our behalf. Any work of fiction is unavoidably influenced by the philosophies of the author.


Take the serpent, for instance. Both eastern and western nations have stories about this fabled fire-breathing beast. There isn’t another mythical creature that has an eastern and western equivalent. But again, the dragon does since it resembles a snake so much. Humanity also has, and the fear of snakes has also been encoded into people throughout their long evolutionary history. Thus, we can conclude that humans have a deep-seated fear of snakes, which manifests itself as this enormous serpent-like, lightning monster. Here are the best dragon movies to watch on Netflix.

1.  Dragons: Dawn of the Dragon Racers (2014)

We learn that a brand-new dragon sport has begun on the island of Berk in the renowned “How to Train Your Dragon” series. The Dragon Trainers talk about how the dragon competition was initially created as the day of the athletic events gets near. In flashbacks, the junior avatars of Teardrop, Snotlout, and Frida are practicing the older pastime of sheep-catching, which has turned into a tournament in and of itself. Although Hiccup cautions people that it isn’t a genuine event, the villagers appear to enjoy their rivalry, and nobody seems to object.


Whenever Sven’s black sheep disappear and the other of them acquire three sheep each, the competitiveness heats up. So everyone agrees that Sven’s black sheep will be the deciding factor in a tie. At the end of the flashback, Snotlout is shown winning the competition dishonestly. When the timeline once more shifts to the moment, we see that Stoick, this same Vast, Hiccup’s father, is utterly ignorant of this new flying racing game but claims that if the training can successfully pull it off, he will have no trouble at all. As a result, the race goes on as planned. As a bonus feature, this short was included in the “How to Train Wyvern Dragons 2” DVD.

2.  Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan (2018)

Many of the most significant graphics are Japanese anime, and it is crucial to discuss a particular dragon story that has been told in this style. The narrative centers on the pilot of the Japan Air Personality Force, Hisone Amakasu. This one would be a young and immature pilot who mostly joined the force to avoid social interaction because she’s already been aware of some behavioral quirks that frequently upset her. She is selected to be the carrier of the “OTF” – Organic Converted Flyer in the air force. Actually, the OTF is a dragon.


This one has always felt unneeded until this animal came along; therefore, this moment becomes one of the most crucial ones in her life. The personality of Hisonebecomes a story that any of us can relate to. We have all experienced feeling unwelcome or disheartened at some point in our life, but then something happens, and everything changes at once. We discover our true vocation at that point. The majority of reviews for the series have been favorable.

3.  Dragon’s Dogma

Given that Capcom released a game with the same name in 2012, this is a web-based anime series. By adding life to the series, Sublimation. As chief but instead, leader producer, Tatsuya Kitahara and Takashi Kobayashi of Capcom fill in for Shinya Sugai. Taiki Sakurai serves as the chief maker. While Kaoru Nishimura plans creative characters, Kasumi Sunayama is writing the book’s contents.

Seven episodes of the show have been recorded.


Tadayoshi Makino, an original game arranger, serves as the show’s composer. The Arisen, a movable symbol that continuously battles animals and investigates Gransys, is the focal point of the interactive elements. The hero now has a modified Pawn and two additional Pawns that are either pre-set from the inside of the game as well as other customized Pawns that are shared by other players throughout a web-based hall. Pawns are characters that support and encourage the hero through battle.

4.  The Dragon Prince

Aaron Ehasz and Matthew Richmond created this energizing streaming TV show for Netflix with the newborn infant winged serpent emperor Azymondias, the ruling brothers Callum but also Ezran, and the mythological creature Rayla that may put an end to the ten thousand year conflict between the human kingdoms and the enigmatic creatures of the area where Nadia resides.


There will be four additional seasons of the show, each with nine parts. It is planned to create a pc game set in the same universe as the show. Soren’s physical abnormalities work against his father’s evil intentions. By the mythical creatures and their allies, Viren’s armies are destroyed. Rayla leaps off the top of the Spire with Viren, and Callum uses magic from the sky to save Rayla. Zym has been returned to his mother. Antonia uses dull sorcery to revive Viren, and Aaravos’ caterpillars begin to change.

5.DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

The story is about a Dragon Knight named Davion who hunts and kills horned lizards to make the country a better place. It is set in a fantasy world of magic and splendor. A prominent mystical serpent joins his consciousness with Davion in a battle between bad spirits or the legendary beast race of Eldwurm.


Davion searches for a journey to thwart the devil Terrorblade, who must murder all magical monsters and acquire their energy with the help of the night sky princess Mirana. A Seoul grown-up electrified epic dreaming TV series is currently streaming. Dota 2, a 2013 MOBA video game developed and marketed by Valve, is a factor. In collaboration with Michael Edward Mitchell’s Kaiju Road, Studio Mir produces the programme. The show debuted on Netflix.

How to Watch on Netflix

Netflix is a famous streaming platform that offers plenty of global films, global web series and cover all movie fields.


If you are unable to access Netflix, you can install a quality VPN because Netflix VPN provides global IPs to watch all movies and series, even if these are banned in your location. It is the biggest advantage of Netflix VPN that it will take you to the movie onderland, where you find yourself an imaginary character.


Just install and watch your favorite animated dragon film with a cup of tea and a ball of snacks. After watching, let us know how your experience was in the comment section!

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