Download Brain Koren Tv Series Mp4

Download Brain Koren Tv Series Mp4

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Download Brain Koren Tv Series Mp4


Lee Gang Hun is a brilliant brain surgeon who will do anything for success. Haunted by the hardships he had growing up including his father’s death, he’s filled with ambition and hopes to prove himself to be the best when it comes to neurosurgery. Gang Hun’s arrogance and selfishness remind Professor Sang Cheol, the best brain surgeon at Chunha University Hospital, of his younger days.

San Chul is an empathetic doctor who cares highly about his patients, and dislikes Gang Hun’s approach, but ultimately decides to mentor him, as the two are connected by a secret past. On the other hand, Gang Hun’s rival Jun Seok comes from a family of doctors who have always supported him. Despite this, Jun Seok has always felt inferior to Gang Hun. On top of that, his crush has feelings for Gang Hun instead of him. This is the story of three rival doctors at a prestigious hospital as they navigate their struggles, ambitions, and each other.


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Download Brain Koren Tv Series Mp4



Episode 16 

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Download Episode 1-15 below

Genre: KDrama
Duration: 60+ Min

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