Download  Kill Heel Kdrama Mp4

Download  Kill Heel Kdrama Mp4

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Download  Kill Heel Kdrama Mp4


A story of the endless desires and struggles of 3 women at UNI Home Shopping.

Woo Hyun (Kim Ha-Neul) works as the host of home shopping show. Her record as a shopping show host is neither good or bad. She aspires to become the top shopping show host, but she experiences a fall into a bottomless pit. This leads her to change.

Gi Mo-Ran (Lee Hye-Young) is the vice-president of UNI Home Shopping. She started her career as a regular employee and worked her way up to her executive position. Her success story is legendary to other people. She doesn’t allow mistakes and she doesn’t show what she thinks, but she has charisma.

Bae Ok-Sun (Kim Sung-Ryoung) is a top host at UNI Home Shopping. She was born into a high class family. She is generous to others and she is respected by employees at her company, but what she really thinks is veiled

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Download  Kill Heel Kdrama 


Genre: KDrama

Download Download  Kill Heel Kdrama Mp4

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