Download The Masters Sun Kdrama Mp4

Download The Masters Sun Kdrama Mp4

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Download The Masters Sun Kdrama Mp4


After suffering an accident some years ago, Tae Gong Shil gained the ability to see and talk to ghosts. However, years later they still scare her and their constant demands of help have made it impossible for her to lead a normal life; they’re always causing her to get fired from jobs or go running away from dates.

After helping a ghost on a rainy night, she hitches a ride from Joo Jong Won, a handsome, pompous CEO of a center mall, who measures everything, even relationships, with money. He quickly concludes that she’s crazy and ditches her, but she starts to seek him out and try to get close to him, after realizing the the ghosts disappear when she touches him.


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Download The Masters Sun Kdrama Mp4



Episode 16

Episode 17

Genre: KDrama
Duration: 60+ Min

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