Real Men Of God Don’t Preach Prosperity- UTI Nwachukwu

Real Men Of God Don't Preach Prosperity- UTI Nwachukwu

Real Men Of God Don’t Preach Prosperity- UTI Nwachukwu

Media personality, Uti Nwachukwu has said that men of God who only preach about prosperity are fake.

The reality TV star made his opinions about religious leaders known in a series of social media posts.

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Nwanchukwu noted that while most preachers focus on prosperity, perpetuate hate and intolerance and encourage praying for one’s enemies to die, real religion should be about consistently preaching about love and forgiveness.

“If ur MOG (Man of God) preaches mostly about prosperity, perpetuates hate and intolerance, encourages you to pray for ur enemies to die, judges people based on their appearance (looks, dressing), financial/social/born again status, is chronically involved in politics threatens/emotionally blackmails you with peril in order to get you to give tithes and offerings, leaves you feeling fearful and guilty every time you leave their presence, then sorry to tell you, but you’ve been tricked into worshipping the devil in disguise.”

“A MOG that leads you the Almighty God should: consistently preach about love and forgiveness, like Jesus did, reveal to you that all things work together for your good, including the enemies’ plans. For God said to pray for our enemies and those who curse you accept all kinds of people especially those who society look down on- Like Jesus did, never discriminate, always speak the truth, be non Judgmental, leave you feeling bold, hopeful and faith filled, not be interested in wealth acquisition- Like Jesus wasn’t.

“This message is not for everyone. It is for people that have dared to swallow the red pill. Those who are on a daily dose of the blue pill will reject it, fight it and project their fear by insulting me. I will not be offended cos you know not what u do. One day u shall be free”.


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