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Season 3 of ‘Winter House’ Showcases an Exciting Mix of Bravo Celebrities [Preview]

Winter House Season 3

Get ready for a fresh dose of entertainment on your TV screens because the third season of “Winter House” is on its way! This season promises a mix of familiar faces and exciting newcomers, all set to deliver a flurry of drama. “Winter House” is a spin-off of the 2017 reality series “Summer House,” where a tight-knit group of friends creates unforgettable summer memories. However, in “Winter House” (which premiered in 2021), they trade sunny beaches for snowy getaways. With the massive success of its first two seasons, Bravo is taking things up a notch by bringing together stars from various Bravo shows for a thrilling two-week vacation in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The Season 3 trailer offers a sneak peek into the upcoming wild ride, with cast members from “Vanderpump Rules,” “Below Deck,” and “Family Karma” all joining in on the winter fun. Don’t miss out on this exciting winter adventure!

A Season Enriched with Prominent Bravo Personalities

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The trailer provides a tantalizing glimpse of the upcoming Season 3 of “Winter House,” with the return of familiar faces from “Summer House” – Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, both mainstays from Seasons 1 and 2, along with the addition of Danielle Olivera for this new season. Joining the vacation is “Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Schwartz, who made a mark in Season 2 and is seeking a much-needed escape following some highly stressful situations, including his involvement in one of reality TV’s most significant cheating scandals.

Kory Keefer, featured in the previous season, is set to make a return. The cast lineup is further enriched by the inclusion of Brian Benni from “Family Karma,” Jordan Emanuel from “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,” and newcomer Casey Craig from Bravo. Additionally, “Below Deck” alumni Alex Propson (Sailing Yacht), Katie Flood (Mediterranean), and Malia White (Mediterranean) are set to crash the party. Season 3 will also feature visits from past stars Jason Cameron and Sam Feher, as well as “Below Deck’s” Captain Sandy Yawn, Rhylee Gerber, and Aesha Scott.

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While some key “Winter House” cast members won’t be returning for Season 3, the trailer hints at a wealth of gripping moments that avid reality TV viewers crave. As Kyle Cooke aptly describes it, the show is evolving into “a classic social experiment.” On a different note, Schwartz’s interactions with Katie Flood take center stage in the trailer,despite his discomfort with the fact that her name is the same as his ex-wife’s, Katie Maloney. Schwartz humorously remarks in the trailer, “This is the universe messing with me. It’s a good joke.”

Amidst the drama, both Malia White and Jordan Emanuel seem to be showing interest in Kyle Cooke, despite his unofficial involvement with Sam Feher. Cooke himself seems open to exploring other connections, as he acknowledges that they haven’t committed to exclusivity. However, Feher appears to be less than pleased with the budding connection between Cooke and White.

The trailer hints at potential feuds and conflicts among the cast members, building anticipation for the chaos that awaits in Season 3. All will be revealed when “Winter House” Season 3 premieres on Bravo on October 24, with the option to stream it on Peacock the following day. Get a sneak peek of what’s in store in the teaser trailer below.

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